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• 6/19/2013

Season 3 Finale

I love this show and it's sad that it was canceled after only 3 seasons. The finale was amazing but not a fitting end to the show. I still think there should be a season 4 to give the show a proper send off and at least give the viewers a glimpse at "what is to come" for Cesare and Lucrezia. So sad :(

What was your favorite part of the season 3 finale?

Mine was the ending when Lucrezia was lying on the bed over Alfonso's dead body with covered in his blood. Cesare rushing over to her thinking she had killed herself and what he says to her .

"You will be naked, clean and bloodless again. And mine." 


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• 2/25/2014

Yep mine was the last bit. 'and mine' and she nuzzles in to him. so tragic! I am writing a season 4 screenplay based off Jordans 'apocalypse' screenplay. Just for fun. I expand on that scene a bit.

• 2/25/2014

Hey Moonsanata! Have you read the script for the possible Borgias film? Neil wrote it for the fans as a better ending to the story. Maybe you should read it? :)

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