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• 2/25/2014

What happened to Joffre?

Joffre dissapears after season 1, and at some stage after Juan dies Alexander mentions that Cesare is his only son. So did they ever broach the subject of Joffre or is it one of those details just skimmed over? Does anyone knows an episode where they explain what happaned to Joffre? I know IRL Joffre outlived both Cesare and Alexander, but I also know 'The Borgias' isnt supposed to be historically accurate.

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• 2/25/2014

Well he did marry Sancia and moved to Naples. But that is no reasons for cutting ties with your family. Especially in the time the show is set in and how family kept close back then to remain strong for the sake of politics. In my opinion, it's most likely because the writer got lazy, especially when Joffre isn't even mentioned in the dialogue. Other missing characters are for example Giulia's husband who she mentioned in her first episode.

• 11/1/2018

Thank you for the info about Joffrey. I smiled reading your opinion. Its a shame the series came to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed it, historically accurate or not.

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