014 Stray Dogs episode still of Bianca 250px
2x04 Stray Dogs episode still of Bianca
Season(s) 2, 3
Portrayed by Melia Kreiling
First appearance 2x01 The Borgia Bull
Latest appearance 3x05 The Wolf and the Lamb
Episode count 4
Status Deceased
Title Duchess of Mantua
Spouse(s) Francesco Gonzaga (annulled)
Significant other(s) Rodrigo Borgia (lover)

Bianca Gonzaga was the wife of Francesco Gonzaga. She also had an affair with Rodrigo Borgia.

In season 3, it is revealed that Bianca has become mentally insane after a forced abortion. Upon discovering, Rodrigo has two nuns escort her to a convent to heal herself. Bianca refuses to go to a convent and instead commits suicide.


Season two appearances
The Borgia Bull Paolo The Beautiful Deception Stray Dogs The Choice
Day of Ashes The Siege at Forli Truth and Lies World of Wonders The Confession
Season three appearances
The Face of Death The Purge Siblings The Banquet of Chestnuts The Wolf and the Lamb
Relics Lucrezia's Gambit Tears of Blood The Gunpowder Plot The Prince

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