Calvino Pallavicini
Calvino Pallavicini infobox 250px
Season(s) 2
Portrayed by David Alpay
First appearance 2x06 Day of Ashes
Latest appearance 2x09 World of Wonders
Episode count 4[1]
Status Alive
Residence Genoa, Italy
Parents Agostino Pallavicini (father)
Sibling(s) Raffaello Pallavicini
Significant other(s) Lucrezia Borgia (ex-betrothed)

Calvino Pallavicini was a suitor (and briefly betrothed) to Lucrezia Borgia.


Calvino and his brother Raffaello Pallavicini travelled to Rome for Calvino to be a suitor to Lucrezia Borgia. Although Lucrezia was only interested in his brother and later took him as lover, she accepted Calvino's proposal at her mother's suggestion so she could marry Calvino and keep his brother as a lover.[2] However, Calvino later broke the engagement so his brother could marry Lucrezia instead. The Pope did not allow this to happen due to Calvino's brother beng a second son, and refused the proposal.[3]


Season two appearances
The Borgia Bull Paolo The Beautiful Deception Stray Dogs The Choice
Day of Ashes The Siege at Forli Truth and Lies World of Wonders The Confession


  1. Including 2x09 World of Wonders.
  2. "Truth and Lies"
  3. "World of Wonders"

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