Charlotte of Albret
Season(s) 3
Portrayed by Ana Ularu
First appearance The Wolf and the Lamb
Episode count 1
Status Alive
Title Duchess of Valentinois
Residence France
House House of Borgia (by marriage)
Parents Alain I of Albret (father)
Spouse(s) Cesare Borgia
Other relatives Louis of France
Joan de France
"Tell me about love, my husband."
―Charlotte of Albret to Cesare Borgia[src]

Charlotte of Albret became the wife of Cesare Borgia in season 3, episode 5.


Charlotte is presented by Queen Joan of France, the wife of King Louis XII of France.

Season threeEdit

The Borgias Season 3 Episode 5 Clip - Love

The Borgias Season 3 Episode 5 Clip - Love


Cesare BorgiaEdit


Cesare Borgia and Charlotte in "The Wolf and the Lamb".

Cesare meets Charlotte d'Albret during his journey to France. King Louis of France offers her, among other things, to him as a wife, in exchange for the Papal bull that annuls his marriage. Charlotte and Cesare seem to have chemistry right from the start. Both claim to be to each other's satisfaction. None of them seems to really care about whether or not they will truly love each other. Charlotte's dowry is 50,000 ducats and property to match his title of Duke of Valentinois.